Microsoft Office 2016 Updates


You are probably used to using Microsoft's CollectUpdate.vbs for keeping your Office Updates directory current but this requires the following steps:

  1. Create Test Computer

  2. Install Office

  3. Update Office (WSUS, SCCM, Windows Update)

  4. Gather Updates using CollectUpdates.vbs

If you are in an environment that supports multiple Versions and Architectures of Microsoft Office, you will need to repeat this process for each Office Version/Architecture


This function will download Microsoft Office Updates. Read about the function at this link

Get-OSDUpdateDownloads Usage

Let's get some parameters out of the way first

  • CatalogOffice

    • Select the Microsoft Office version you are working with. In this case I have selected Office 2016 64-Bit

  • OfficeProfile

    • This is also known as a Selection Profile. The default is configured for en-US, but you can start with this Selection and change later

  • RepositoryRootPath

    • The updates are in CAB format and must be expanded to MSP files, so consider this a Repository. This directory should NOT be part of your package, but saving files in here will speed up re-downloading Updates in the future

  • OfficeSetupUpdatesPath

    • This is the Updates Directory in your Microsoft Office installation. MSP files placed in this directory (root) will be applied during your Microsoft Office installation

    • You should empty this directory first

And that's it. All the MSP files you need will be downloaded and exported into your Office Setup Updates directory for easy deployment

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