MDT Integration

Office 2016 MDT Application

In this example I'll take an Office 2016 MDT Application and remove all existing MSPs (except any custom install ones) from the Updates directory

New MDT Application: OSDUpdate Package Office 2016 64-Bit

Create a new Application with source files

Select the OSDUpdate directory that contains the updates

A proper command line is needed

PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File ".\Install-OSDUpdatePackage.ps1"

New Application Bundle: Office 2016 + OSDUpdate

Create a new Application Bundle with Microsoft Office 2016 and OSDUpdate. This will allow both the Office installation and OSDUpdate to run together

New MDT Application: OSDUpdate Package Windows 10 x64 1903

This process is similar to creating an OSDUpdate Office Package

PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File ".\Install-OSDUpdatePackage.ps1"

You should add this to your Task Sequence as a Mandatory Application, and make sure to 'Hide this application in the Deployment Wizard'

Using PowerShell

You can absolutely use PowerShell to do most of the work in creating the new Applications. Use the script below as an example on how its done

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