Get-DownOSDUpdate is used to download Updates

<#.SYNOPSISDownloads Current Microsoft Updates​.DESCRIPTIONDownloads Current Microsoft UpdatesRequires BITS for downloading the updatesRequires Internet access for downloading the updates​.LINK​.PARAMETER DownloadPathDirectory of the Downloads​.PARAMETER InputObjectPaired with Get-OSDUpdateGet-OSDUpdate | Get-DownOSDUpdate​.PARAMETER CatalogGet-OSDUpdate.Catalog Property​.PARAMETER UpdateArchArchitecture of the UpdateGet-OSDUpdate.UpdateArch Property​.PARAMETER UpdateBuildWindows Build for the UpdateGet-OSDUpdate.UpdateBuild Property​.PARAMETER OfficeProfileMicrosoft Office Update Type​.PARAMETER GridViewDisplays the results in GridView with -PassThru#>

Get-DownOSDUpdate -GridView

Previous versions of this function required the selection of a Catalog, but this is not longer required. I do recommend using GridView for selection, but whatever Updates are selected will be downloaded into the DownloadPath (required)

Get-OSDUpdate | Get-DownOSDUpdate

You can do some really cool stuff when using Get-OSDUpdate to PassThru to Get-DownOSDUpdate. In this example, I easily downloaded all the Servicing Stacks for Windows 10 as a one-liner!

Get-OSDUpdate | ? {$_.UpdateOS -eq 'Windows 10' -and $_.Title -like "*Servicing*"} | Get-DownOSDUpdate -DownloadPath 'C:\Temp\Win10 SSU'

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