New-OSDUpdatePackage will create a directory based containing grouped downloads. This can be used to create a Package in ConfigMgr or an Application in MDT. Additionally, an Update and an Install Script will be added to the created directory
<#.SYNOPSISCreates Package Bundles of Microsoft Updates​.DESCRIPTIONCreates Package Bundles of Microsoft UpdatesRequires BITS for downloading the updatesRequires Internet access for downloading the updates​.LINK​.PARAMETER PackagePathPackage Content will be downloaded into the PackagePath​.PARAMETER PackageNameThe name of the OSDUpdate Package. These values are predefined​.PARAMETER AppendPackageNameDownloads Updates in the PackagePath in a PackageName subdirectory​.PARAMETER GridViewDisplays the results in GridView with -PassThru. Updates selected in GridView can be selected​.PARAMETER OfficeProfileDownloads Office Updates with the selected Profile​.PARAMETER OfficeSetupUpdatesPathUpdates Directory for Office Setup​.PARAMETER RemoveSupersededRemove Superseded Updates​.PARAMETER SkipInstallScriptSkips adding $PackagePath\Install-OSDUpdatePackage.ps1​.PARAMETER SkipUpdateScriptSkips adding $PackagePath\Update-OSDUpdatePackage.ps1​#>