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New OSDUpdate Office Package

You can use OSDUpdate to create a Package directory for updating Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, and 2016

PackageName (Required)

The following values can be used for the PackageName parameter for an OSDUpdate Office Package
  • Office 2010 32-Bit
  • Office 2010 64-Bit
  • Office 2013 32-Bit
  • Office 2013 64-Bit
  • Office 2016 32-Bit
  • Office 2016 64-Bit
For this exercise I will be using the following
-PackageName "Office 2016 64-Bit"

PackagePath (Required)

You will also need to specify a PackagePath. This will be where the updates are downloaded to. In this example I will use the following
-PackagePath D:\OSDUpdate\Office


While not required, adding this parameter will create a subdirectory of my PackagePath with the PackageName Parameter value. This results in my updates being downloaded in the following directory
D:\OSDUpdate\Office\Office 2016 64-Bit


Putting this all together gives me the following PowerShell command
New-OSDUpdatePackage -PackageName "Office 2016 64-Bit" -PackagePath D:\OSDUpdate\Office -AppendPackageName
And when executed, all the Office CAB files will be downloaded and extracted
Resulting in the following