New OSDUpdate Servicing Stack Package

I'm not sure what kind of sorcery this is ... but I can literally pick and choose Servicing Stacks to be added to an OSDUpdate Package with the following Command

New-OSDUpdatePackage -PackageName "Servicing Stacks" -PackagePath D:\OSDUpdate -AppendPackageName -GridView

The GridView Parameter

With the GridView parameter, I can select whatever updates I want


Downloading is a breeze using BITS (so yes you have to be logged in)

So here is what things look like in Windows Explorer


Normally Install-OSDUpdatePackage.ps1 would be run in a Task Sequence as System or Administrator, but executing the script as a Standard User will prompt for Elevation

Missing Servicing Stack

I intentionally chose to not download the Servicing Stack I need for my OS, and also added a Pause to the script because you normally would not see this message (since the window will be closed too quickly). In this case, it displayed a Warning that the Servicing Stack I need is not part of the OSDUpdate Package

Proper Servicing Stack

In this case everything would have worked (had I not had the Servicing Stack installed already


Use your imagination :)

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